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The Pillars of Positive Peace 

A key visual from this 2022 report by the Institute for Economics & Peace 


Here's samples from a stunning photo exhibit- curated by the United Nations

7 minutes, 8 big ideas

The School of Life is an organization built to advance serenity, resilience and connection 

books to explore

Inventar el Futuro

Proposals for a more hopeful future.

by Francisco Mayor Zaragoza
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Comprehensive Peace Education

by Betty Reardon
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Measuring Peace in a Complex World

One of several innovative assessments created by the Institute for Economics & Peace.

From Chains to Bonds: The Slave Trade Revisited

by Dr. Doudou Diène
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Hear Yourself

A practical message of hope, happiness, and peace to all, one person at a time.

by Prem Rawat
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Creating the Culture of Peace

by Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury
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You Can Escape the Box and Live a Life of Miracles

by Bill McCarthy
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The Book

A novel. A thriller, and a journey to self-discovery

by Garry Jacobs

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Love Always Wins - Hope for Healing Violence 

by David M. Hazen
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Educating for Human Dignity

Offering human rights education programs from kindergarten through high school.

by Betty Reardon

The Crime of Silence

The time has come to move from silence, to action.

by Francisco Mayor Zaragoza
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Educating for Peace and Human Rights

contains thoughtful strategies and useful tools . . .

by Hantzopoulos and bajaj
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the United Nations
was established after World War II in an attempt to maintain international peace and security and to achieve cooperation among nations on economic, social, and humanitarian problems.

The Basic Human Rights

UN Charter

UNESCO  Constitution

Convention on the Rights of a Child

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What does a Culture of Peace look like?  

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