a recent webinar:

Peace Education

Connecting Peace Advocates, Educators and Communities. 

 Sept. 20, 2023

our focus was on

Human Rights -
Empowering Children

Let's give our children a voice and a choice!


Our 3rd Annual Virtual Conference featured 20+ speakers and dozens of partner groups.

The webinar was presented via Zoom, and included more than 6 hours of content.

Many segments of the webinar will be available soon on our YouTube channel.

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Music Playlist from the event here

We all say we want peace, but what does it really take to make it happen?  What can we learn that will help us live in peace? With ourselves?  With each other?  With our planet?  

These questions deserve answers and we’re about to discover them together during the 3rd Annual Online Conference for Global Peace Education Day,  You won't want to miss these stimulating sessions with some of the world’s leading authorities on the topic of practicing peace - educators and executives, diplomats and dignitaries, scholars and scientists, artists and athletes - all with skills of peace to share.

This year’s theme is Human Rights - Empowering Children, honoring the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (Did you know that this is the world’s most translated document?) We’ll explore the ways that peace education helps give our children a voice and a choice.  

You won't want to miss this exciting opportunity. We hope you can join us for Global Peace Education Day.

Here's a few of the individuals that spoke at the Global Peace Education Day on Sept. 20

Conference Chair 

Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO

Conference Host

Michael Nouri, Screen and stage actor; goodwill ambassador for Seeds of Peace.

Ouided Bouchamaoui

Nobel Peace Prize laureate; CEO of Hédi Bouchamaoui Group (HBG Holding): former President of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade, and Handicrafts

Dr. Marty Casey

Founder, unGun Institute, St. Louis, Missouri

Doudou Diene

Senegalese jurist; former Special Rapporteur, United Nations

Amabassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury

Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations; Founder of the Global Movement for The Culture of Peace

Diane Whitehead

CEO of Childhood Education International

Federico Mayor Zaragoza

Chair, Foundation for a Culture of Peace; former UNESCO Director General

Prem Rawat

Founder, The Prem Rawat Foundation and the Peace Education Program