a global summit:

Peace Education 

in Civil Society

strategize. mobilize.

it's time.

The Global Peace Education Network, in collaboration with UNESCO and dozens of prominent peace builders, announces a bold strategy to unite, empower and inspire peace educators and advocates worldwide.

The keynote of this action plan is a Global Summit for
Peace Education in Civil Society at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris November 27, 2024

In the face of expanding conflict and climate crises, the Summit calls for a global mobilization strategy and an official United Nations Day dedicated to Peace Education. This will be the first in a series of global summits on peace education strategy.

At the Summit, civil society leaders will engage in strategic dialogue about each of these urgent subjects:

•  New understanding of peace

•  Sustainable development 

•  Global citizenship and human security

•  Human rights and gender equality

•  Peace education in the digital era

Following the event, Summit proceedings will be professionally produced, promoted to millions through social media, and streamed online to dedicated audiences around the planet.
The Summit will be documented – for potential television and theatrical release– and a series of interactive learning labs.

These leading voices for peace are active organizers for this Summit